Friday, December 31, 2004

Great time at Geek Dinner!

I had a great time at the Bob Scoble's Geek Dinner last night in San Francisco! I talked to a lot of very smart people who were very generous with their time. I learned that a Technorati is not an Italian sports car with a lot of gizmos and that some of the folks I had previously only read about are really nice people. Here is a posting by Thomas Hawk whom I spent a lot of time talking with. We had a great conversation! It is pretty informative and links to a great photo of Bob (and friends!)

Matthew Mullenweg was very generous in opening up his home for a party after the dinner! Too much fun. These are folks who attended:

Robert Scoble | Steve Gillmor | Steve Sloan | Dori Smith | Farida Paramita | Michael Eakes | Dan Gould | Christopher Carfi | Masha Solorzano | Scott Rafer | Dan Farber | Lisa Canter | Marc Canter | Mimi Canter | Lucy Canter | Lyndon Wong | Ron Lichty | Tom Conrad | Marc Novakowski | Pierre Wolff | Nadeem Bitar | Kaliya Hamlin | Brian Hamlin | Ian Jones | Nicole Lee | Kevin Marks | Thomas Hawk | Neal Drumm | Tony Chang | Zack Rosen | Kieran Lal | Jasmeet Singh | Jason DeFillippo | Ian Kallen | Kevin Burton | Brad Neuberg | Renee Blodgett | Jeff Minard | Om Malik | June Parina | David Sifry | Jonas M Luster | Micah Alpern | eleanor kruszewski | Jim Grisanzio | Tantek Celik | Rebecca Eisenberg | Curtis Smolar | Russell Beattie