Friday, February 24, 2012

SJSU tearing down the tower as a symbol of SJSU

San Jose State University's tower has been an icon of our university as long as I can remember. I started at SJSU as a student in 1979 and it was our symbol.
To me the tower symbol said, "this is a great university." Employees were awarded Tower Pins for good service. The tower was not only a substantial imposing landmark, it had historical significance at the CSU's first campus. But, the tower has been slowly torn down as a symbol of SJSU. I guess they didn't want us to be confused with icons like Berkeley's Campanile or Hoover Tower?
First they changed the logo. But vestiges remained of the tower as a symbol of SJSU. Our campus ID cards, have, until now, been called Tower Cards. Yes folks, that is changing now too.
SJSU is in the process of re-branding its Tower Cards, they are going to be called SJSU ID Cards. Yes, I know it's technically an accurate description of their function. But, it is about as sexy and exciting as the DMV. To me, it is another step toward mediocrity. Once again we seem to be saying, "what do you expect, we are not Cal or Stanford after all."
The tower will still stand on our campus, but what will it stand for?

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Nikon Introduces D800

Nikon introduced the D800, what it called, "A new Nikon FX-format digital SLR camera with the world's highest effective pixel count–36.3-million pixels–for noteworthy definition and image quality."
Not only does this camera have the ability to capture film quality stills, it will be able to shoot incredible high def video. I am very excited about this camera.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Resources for EPUB and eBook creation

Author Liz Castro has a number of great resources available for those interested in creating eBooks in the open EPUB format. This is of special interest to those who want to use Adobe InDesign for this task. I used her book EPUB Straight to the Point as a text for a graduate course at SJSU I co-taught on this subject. If this interests you in the slightest, I urge you to check out this link.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Using FileVault 2 on Lion

In this presentation by MacWorld we are shown how to use FileVault 2 on MacOS X 10.7, Lion. The presentation starts off, "Apple latest Mac operating system, OS X 10.7 Lion includes FileVault 2, the latest version of Apple’s method of file encryption. In this how-to, we'll go through the steps on activating FileVault 2 for your Mac's internal startup drive."

Thanks Ezequiel Cothran for sharing this with me. It is good to read through everything here to be thoroughly ready to secure your data. Especially read the comments! Use at your own risk.