Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Our wireless destiny

Today the Spartan Daily ran a story [Link] about my blog post [Link] on the SJSU wireless network. (This blog post is also being ran as a story that will be sent to 15,000 university employees in the CSUEU union publication The University Employee [Link].) The crux of my blog post is that the direction of wireless networking is to provide open access in metropolitan areas, like downtown San Jose. If you go to the WNN Wi-Fi Net News Blog [Link] you find a lot of evidence that this is the industry trend. As the web matures and applications move increasingly off the computer and onto the Internet, uninhibited Internet access is mandatory. Where security is needed it can be placed at the firewall and does not need to be placed where it blocks access to the network as SJSUOne does. Why are companies like Google offering to provide cities free wireless? Because their bread and butter is having as many people as possible get on the Internet. I think this is in our best interest too. Otherwise in a few years there may be easier wireless access off campus than on. If university employees manage the wireless network and it is offered with open access, it is our network. When we own the network we control our own wireless destiny. In my opinion, that is the way to go.

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