Friday, November 17, 2006

Clark Hall (Un)Safety Story Continues

Clark Hall Blocked Fire Exits

Rear of vehicle, Clark Hall

The latest from Clark Hall, a letter to the university
Why is this such an ongoing struggle? Why is the university dragging its feet on this?

Workplace safety should not be something that leads to grievances. I have asked both CSUEU and CFA to come in on this matter and to file union grievances. I have been having discussions about this matter since I was assigned to work in this facility. In my opinion; this building, as it is currently being operated, poses an ongoing threat to the safety of the students, faculty and staff who occupy it.

If you look at the historic structure fire disasters like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and the Rhode Island disco fire of 2003 it was impeded fire exits that caused such horrible loss of life. I have filed grievances and blogged about this and will continue to file grievances and blog about this until the danger is removed. We should be working together on this, not as adversaries. Is the university really intent on perpetuating and defending unsafe working and learning conditions? As a friend of mine said, the problem is now and it needs to be fixed now!

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