Thursday, April 10, 2008

Living with SJSU's CMS-7 (or trying to)

In my opinion:
Working with our university's new content management system is like living with somebody who is insane. Just when you think you have figured out its peculiarities and figured out a way to live with it, blam, it blows up on you! In my opinion; this thing is nuts! It is worse than working with early beta software.

I sympathize with the good folks in web services. They are good people and it is not their fault. They were tasked with a very difficult mission. It seems to me the state has mandated accessibility without providing adequate resources to get the job done. Given the funding situation for our state, those resources are not likely to become available. So, it seems to me, those of us struggling to comply with these requirements are just going to have to cope with inadequate tools to get the job done. Its too bad to. Because a lot of work is going into making this pig fly.

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