Monday, September 08, 2008

Spam from SJSU?

Tech Tips: Spam e-mail reportedly from SJSU

It is easy for someone to fake the "reply-to" field of an e-mail address to make it appear as though an e-mail has come from a seemingly legitimate source, when it has not. This is called spoofing. Unfortunately this is common.

The e-mail addresses of SJSU users are sometimes harvested from the Internet, from Web pages and pdf documents posted online, and then used by spammers to trick the folks receiving this e-mail into responding to the e-mail in the false belief that it is legitimate SJSU e-mail.

Please accept our apologies for this e-mail. We are sorry, but there is not a technical way we can stop this from happening. If you have hard evidence that spam originated from a source on the SJSU campus, such as evidence that the TCP/IP address of the sender originated from our network, please contact us so we can investigate the situation further.

You can e-mail the university help desk e-mail at

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