Thursday, January 07, 2010

Will cloud computing hubs be terrorist targets?

As government, industry and individuals move toward a cloud computing model where applications and data resides in data hubs, could these hubs be vulnerable to, or targets of, a future terrorist attack?

Rob Enderle, who is president and founder of Enderle Group, wrote in this post, "a coordinated attack on several or all of the hubs could stop a country -- even one the size of the U.S. -- cold, with recovery taking years and massive infrastructure failures causing loss of life and resources at levels never seen outside of an outright world war."

To this Chuck Goolsbee responded, "Datacenters, Telecommunications Infrastructure, Carrier Hotels, Long-Haul Fiber-Optic Circuits, and by extension, “Cloud Computing” will never be terrorism targets. Ever. They have no emotional value. Their disablement or even destruction provokes no visceral emotional reaction or outrage..."

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