Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Secret Plans, Umm Why?


Today I was told there is are written plans regarding SJSU's technology initiatives, but they are not being made public. Umm, why?

I don't buy it. We are not a private company. We work for the citizens of the State of California. We are paid by the public. There are no reasons for such secrets. We have no competitors who stand to gain. We have no trade secrets.

When you are a public entity there are laws requiring openness. The concept of government openness is why there are laws like the Brown Act, the Freedom of Information Act and the Whistle Blower Protection Act. I think that transparency is not just a legal mandate. In my opinion there is an ethical obligation of openness that extends further than the laws do for government institutions, most especially for state educational institutions.

I don't believe there are secret plans; because if there were, the next question would be; umm why?

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