Tuesday, October 25, 2005

How late must students wait for late profs?

Another Help Desk Moment
This just came in through our Help Desk Queue. Well, we are the help desk and our mission is to be the first point of contact for service and support at SJSU:

I just wanted to find out if an instructor is more than 15 minutes late, is it okay to leave the class?

Reply: This varies from instructor to instructor and I do not believe there is a set policy on the subject. A search on this term "instructor is late to class" yielded no hits on the sjsu.edu domain and only six hits on the entire .edu domain. (Interestingly, "student is late to class" yielded many hits.) So, I contacted the Provost's office at SJSU with your question.

The answer I got there was, "I don't know if it is myth or reality but it is said that if the instructor is a (less than full) professor you must wait 15 minutes. If it is a full professor you must wait 20 minutes. But, there is nothing written on the subject."

So, there it is. If you have the moxie you might approach your instructor with the question. Perhaps one way to break the ice for this conversation would be to ask if the professor is, or is not, a full professor. Then, when they ask why you are asking, you can tell them what the person at the provost's office said. In essence you are on your own on this one. I am sorry, but that is the best answer I could find.

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