Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tablet PC's at SJSU video

A team from SJSU recently made a presentation at the Educause national conference in Orlando, Florida. Reportedly there was standing room only for their presentation. I am very proud to be associated with this. Tablet PC's rock and have the potential to really change the way computers are used in education. ~Steve

This is really great stuff!
From Malu Roldan: Here are links to the video that SJSU Media Producer Bob Reynolds produced on SJSU's Tablet PC usage. Mary Jo Gorney-Moreno and I just came back from presenting it at the Educause national conference and it was very well received (see description of conference presentation below).

The links (you will need real media player:)
Broadband | Medium | Small (dial-up)

The Conference Presentation listing:
Course Transformation Using Microsoft OneNote Powered Tablet PCs
Session Details

Track 6
Wednesday, October 19, 2005
10:30 a.m. - 11:20 a.m.

Meeting Room W300

Maria Roldan, Principal Investigator -- SJSU&HP Mobility Project, San Jose State University
Mary Jo Gorney-Moreno, Associate VP, Academic Technology, San Jose State University
Mary Fran Breiling, Interim Associate Director, Center for Faculty Development, San Jose State University
Session convener: Randall Alberts, Sr. Project Manager, Georgia State University

OneNote fully leverages the power of tablet PCs and facilitates the repurposing of previously developed course materials into paperless, multimedia course resources. We will demonstrate several ways in which this was achieved in a diverse set of courses and discuss impacts on students' perceptions of the usefulness of tablet PCs for course work.

Malu Roldan
Management Information Systems
San Jose State University

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