Thursday, February 09, 2006

SJSU Help Desk Report

No Perfect Storm
I am very pleased with the way the semester has started. We had the unix problem but that did not prove unmanageable despite my fears that it plus the wireless plus sjsuone would combine into an awful perfect storm. We did not have to hire additional staff. In fact we weathered the loss of one staff over the break.

Full time GWI
We are doing full-time GWI. Every customer contact is going into the system. We are using the kiosk machines in the lobby for customers to sign in and create a GWI ticket using the web portal for the system.

Viral spread of wireless
Unlike IT systems that are mandated by faculty we have been seeing signs that the use of the wireless, and SJSUone may be spreading virally. With a mandated system you can expect to see a huge signup burst at startup as students rush to get on whatever IT system the faculty member wishes them to use in order for them to function in the classroom. With a viral adoption the use can be expected to build in more of a bell curve as clients adopt the technology and then tell their friends of its utility. We have seen recent evidence that suggests this may be the case. This may be disruptive to our traditional support scheme.

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