Friday, August 25, 2006

August Weblogger Meetup Recap

Yesterday's San Jose Weblogger Meetup Meeting
Yesterday was the second day of classes at SJSU for the fall term. It also was the day we had the August weblogger meetup. It was great. We had students, faculty, and staff at SJSU at the meetup as well as some very cool local bloggers. It was a real mashup of perspectives on blogging. I am excited to see this taking off. We have a great opportunity here in San Jose to have these kind of events. There seems to me to be a barrier between the campus and local blogging communities. I hope the momentum we are building here continues and we can continue to have these monthly meetups. I think they provide a unique opportunity for bloggers to network. Also, they are a lot of fun!

Folks who signed in at the meetup and the URL's for them: Julie Lockwood | Andrew Venegas | Lilly Buchwitz | Cynthia McCune | Julio Garcia | Dondi Bogusky | Dorai Thodla | Stephanie Quilao | David Kadavy Steve Sloan

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