Monday, July 14, 2008

Bad News from Idaho Relatives

My Idaho cousins including Debbie

This morning I got a call from cousin Debbie in Boise. Debbie is the oldest daughter of my cousin Dolores. Terry (Dolores's youngest daughter Susan's husband) died yesterday of complications following a fall he had from a ladder last week.

According to Debbie, Terry was hurt badly in the fall. He broke many bones but they did not think his injuries were life threatening. But, he developed pneumonia in the hospital. Yesterday his blood pressure started dropping. His heart rate elevated, he suffered a heart attack and died. I also talked to Susan, of course she is devastated.

I visited them lasy year, in June of 2007, and stayed with Dolores. Dolores's husband Ben died on Feb. 11, 2007. We all went out to dinner. I sat next to Terry and we had a long conversation. He was a great guy.

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