Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Problems sending e-mail at SJSU?

Tech Tips: Are you having problems sending e-mail at SJSU?

Maybe it's bad SMTP settings

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This is the setting for the server used in sending your e-mail. Think of this as your outgoing e-mail server setting. Due to firewall issues you cannot use on-campus SMTP servers to send e-mail from outside the campus network. Campus firewalls block SMTP traffic so spammers cannot use campus servers to send their spam. Your outgoing e-mail server name changes depending on the your physical location:

  • When user is on wired SJSU network SMTP is - smtp.sjsu.edu with authentication turned off
  • When user is on wireless SJSU/Comcast network, due to firewalling, SMTP is not currently supported and we have no solution available.
  • When user is off the SJSU campus network SMTP is blocked. But this may be may provided by YOUR Internet Service Provider (ISP) with authentication turned on or off depending your ISP. Contact your ISP for support of e-mail sending SMTP settings and for their/your configuration information.

Lotus Notes (Client Software)
The Notes client does not use SMTP to deliver outbound mail to the Domino server. (Domino is the server platform for Lotus Notes.) Domino uses an authenticated Notes protocol that is not vulnerable to exploitation by spammers, so SJSU can make this service available regardless of how or where you are connected to the Internet. It is only impacted by the customer's location if they are accesing the Internet from a service that blocks the Notes protocol. Blocking the Notes protocol is rare.

More information about e-mail client configuration is here:


Need more help? Call 408/924-2377 or send the specific details of your issue in an e-mail to:


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