Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It is balmy in Clark Hall while others freeze

There is a story in today's Spartan Daily about the cold temperatures in some campus buildings. No problem in Clark Hall where it is in the 70's in my office (CH134.) In fact the warmest room at 76 degrees is our server closet, a room that is supposed to be cool. (I call that room the server sauna.)

What can faculty do about cold temperatures. Well, if they are unable to get the matter fixed by reporting it to Facilities Development and Operations, they can file a grievance with their union! Article 37.1 of the CFA/CSU collective bargaining agreement says:

"The CSU recognizes the importance of procedures for the protection of health and safety of faculty unit employees. The CSU shall endeavor to maintain conditions which are conducive to the health and safety of the employees. The CSU shall endeavor to ensure that faculty unit employees will not be required (a) to work in unsafe conditions or (b) to perform tasks that endanger their health or safety."

Meanwhile, I am in shirt sleeves in Clark Hall.

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