Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scamers pretending to be from CSU credit union

This is a scam!
If you get an e-mail that begins like this don't fall for it! I know it looks like it is coming from our credit union, but it is a lie!

Dear USE Credit Union member,

We detected irregular activity on your USE Credit Union card.

In order to receive uninterrupted services, please verify your information immediately.

To verify your account, please click the link below, log in and follow the provided steps...

Then it gives you a legitimate looking signature, "Regards, USE Credit Union." How do I know it is a scam, first off I am not a member of the credit union.

If you are in doubt call the credit union. Never follow a link provided you in an e-mail that points to any place you have to log-in. Almost always, such things are rip-offs!

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