Friday, August 27, 2010

Sedgwick CMS Sucks (in my opinion)

I had the first conversation with the claims manager for Sedgwick CMS, the company that manages worker's comp claims for the university. In my opinion she had all the charm of a bill collector for a collection agency.

She challenged that I was injured on company time. She said she thought the meeting I attended was on my lunch hour. I told her I was injured at 10:15 a.m. She said she would have to check on that. I told her I had a doctor's prescription for a knee scooter so I could get around. She said crutches were all I needed, and they would have to review and consider any prescription before they can approve it.

My doctor (a worker's comp doctor no less) had warned me their review process takes so long that approval, when it comes, is sometimes made months after the patient had healed.

I got a scooter today anyway. I guess we will have to fight for reimbursement instead. Thanks to the friends who recommended it, by the way, the scooter is wonderful!

So, for those of you who like to rag on trial lawyers, this is why we need them. If the attitude of the person I talked with at Sedgwick CMS is any indication; it looks like a worker's comp attorney may be in my future.

Isn't it wonderful our CSU system chose Sedgwick CMS to "manage" workers comp for the CSU system? Nice to know they are looking out for us!


Anonymous said...

im dealing with this shitbag company right now, it takes around 6 days and tens of messages to anybody to get back to you, even then its only i you call the head office and complain.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel too left out. I work for AT&T and have my short term disability benefits on appeal, Sedgwick CMS denied the initial filing. I contend I cannot perform my job duties because of an illness. While waiting and waiting for Sedgwick to make their final decision, AT&T mandated my return to work or I have abandoned my job. How can I claim my inability to work and then come in to work at the same time? They are totally heartless while I wait for Sedgwick to okay or deny my wage benefits. It is illegal for AT&T to dangle job reprisals because they cannot interfere with this process. They want this "Catch 22" to bite me. Work attendance would only show I can work and completely deny my claim of being too ill to work.