Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When the official password format fails!

Steve Sloan’s Recommended (Unofficial) SJSUOne Password Format Suggestion. These are not requirements, only my personal suggestions. If you have a current SJSUOne account, and the official SJSUOne Password Format fails, this works. Please do not tell anybody I (or anybody) said these suggestions were requirements. It is suggested by me that your SJSUOne password have the following attributes:
  • From eight to eleven characters
  • No spaces
  • One upper case letter minimum
  • One lower case letter minimum
  • One number minimum
  • Just one (and only one) exclamation mark (do not use any other so-called "special" characters)
Example: 1Porcupine!

Why? My best guess as to why this may make a difference is that you are trying to get a Linux server (Google) to work with a password from a Microsoft Active Directory Domain Controller (SJSUOne). This is not official; it is a suggestion, but it usually works.

No, you cannot reuse your old password. Just forget that idea.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to password hell. Doing our best to make the world more complicated.