Friday, January 27, 2006

Citizen Journalism and News 2.0

News 2.0: "Citizen Journalism" is not journalism
There is a conversation going on by Rich Skerenta of [link] and Om Malik [Link] about News 2.0 and what citizen journalism is. According to Skerenta:

The key to understanding what is working in "Citizen Journalism" is that they're first-person accounts. Journalists are professional observers and interpreters; they watch, and report back to the wider audience. But just like stockbrokers and travel agents, the Internet is again cutting out the intermediary.

If you followed the post by Dan Gillmor [Link] and his letter to the Bayosphere about the failure of that, you know there is some real soul searching going on about this subject. This, of course, is an important conversation for journalism educators.

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