Thursday, January 26, 2006

No wireless in the cafe at SJSU

This ticks me off
I just learned there is no wireless network in the Market Cafe area at our university. The whole point of a wireless network is that networks do not move, but people do. You need wireless in places people go that wires cannot. That is why it is so important to have the the wireless where people congregate. This is a university and wifi is increasingly becoming the dial tone of digital collaboration. This is not just true for computers, it is true for a whole range of wireless devices. I just got a call from an Engineering Professor who was frustrated trying to get his PDA to work with SJSUOne on our network (but that is another rant.) The point is, ideas happen best where people congregate. Some ideas can't wait until the person (or persons) with the idea gets within range of a wireless access point. By then, the idea may be gone.

I am told that the folks who run the cafeteria don't want wifi there because it might encourage people to linger. I guess when it comes to eating in the Market Cafe you are supposed to eat it and beat it. Did they forget this is a university?

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