Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Intel Mac Envy

Apple drops Intel bomb on Powerbook Users
Apple just dropped a bomb on users of G4 Powerbooks with the release of a new line of Intel based Macbook Pros [Link] running Intel processors. These new jewels not only are four times as fast as the existing models, they reportedly will run Windows XP without having to use Virtual PC. As an owner of two 12 inch G4 powerbooks [Link] all I can say is boy am I jealous. Meanwhile, I am upgrading the video card on my old Powermac G4 AGP "Sawtooth" [Link] to get another 18 months out of it. I am waiting for the Intel processor desktop systems to come out and for more apps to be native Intel. Anybody who pays top dollar for any non-Intel PPC Apple box now is just dumb. Software, in a few years, will not even be able to run on those already obsolete computers.

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