Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fun blogger dinner in San Jose

We had a great first meetup of the San Jose Webloggers Group. There was four of us there and I was the only one from the university. Stephanie and Rich are bloggers and Action is a podcaster. We had a great conversation about a number of topics including pizza, mobile devices, blogging, podcasting, Web 2.0, and of course the Journalism 163 class at SJSU. At the end of the conversation we agreed on a tag standard to use for posting to Flicker and technorati on these geek dinner / blogger dinner / meetups in San Jose. It is sjpizzacast when referring to the group and sjpizzacast(month#+year#), so this meetup will be sjpizzacast0606. This was a lot of fun! We did not do a podcast.

Next SJPizzacast
The next Geek/Blogger dinner is 6pm on Thursday July 27th again at Tony Sopranos on San Fernando Street in San Jose. The location has free parking and is close to the light rail. They have been great about providing space for these events. As before, this dinner is a mashup with students, faculty and staff from San Jose State University mixing with folks from the area blogging community. If folks want to, we may even do a podcast!

Folks in attendance today:
Stephanie Quilao | Rich Thomas  | Action Merchant | Steve Sloan

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