Thursday, January 11, 2007

Camera Phone Post: Iphone questions asked at Apple Booth

Iphone questions
Questions I asked and answers I got:

Q - Will the phone have voice recognition?
Q - Will there be the ability to run applications on the device?
Specific Mac OS X apps like Safari, but it's functionality will otherwise be more like an iPod.
Q - Will the version of Safari on the device be RSS enabled?
I think not, but do not know. That is a good question
Q - It obviously has the ability to read a markup language, (HTML) download files, can play multimedia content and supports HTTP. Will it be able to subscribe to podcasts without synching to a host computer?
No. I do not think so.
Q - Will it have the ability to cache Email data so that it can be consumed when the machine does not have an active Internet connection?
I got two answers from two Apple employees, one yes, one no.

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