Friday, January 05, 2007

Scoble: Why no bad PR for Apple

Scoble: Why does Apple seem to get by w/o bad PR?
I am a long time Mac Evangelist and love Apple's products. I currently have about seven Apple Mac computers and three iPods and have owned and used many more over the years. I am a good Apple customer and used to say, what Guy Kawasaki once said, "when cut I bleed six colors." (Referencing the old Apple six color logo.)

I am a passionate Mac user. I was recruited to the Apple cult by former, and now born-again, Mac user Robert Scoble. (Trivia - Do folks know he got the moniker "Scobelizer" thanks to the hacks he used to do to SJSU staff and faculty member's Macs? They used to call me and say, "Help, I have been Scobelized!")

I am also a passionate blogger and it bothers me that Apple is not blogger friendly as a company. In this post Scoble writes:

Duncan Riley reminded me again that the press treats Apple differently than it treats Dell and other companies. Why is that? Is it because Apple gives exclusives to mainstream press and won’t even talk to bloggers?

Despite being a company that makes cool products Apple seems to me to take a very un-Cluetrain approach to running its business. It is their business and it is not enough to to make me stop using Apple products. But, I don't like it and I am an Apple customer. In my Cluetrain world that matters, or at least it should matter!

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