Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Help Desk Humor

University Help Desk Humor, (not from SJSU)
Edited from a distribution list - I have the "winning" help desk call of the week. Earlier today, an agitated instructor called our Help Desk to complain that her name is misspelled in three different locations, each spelling different from the next. Since this help desk is directly tied into PeopleSoft and since the spelling of our faculty names comes directly from payroll [who keys in whatever is on the faculty member's social security card], I assumed that the instructor wanted to change her name. Nope, that's not what she wanted. Her name was misspelled -- three times -- and she wanted it fixed. I checked her name in the directory and PeopleSoft against what she said the name was, and both matched perfectly. Since she was getting a little upset, I asked for her phone number and promised to call her back shortly [so she could have some time to calm down].

So I called the lecturer back an hour later, told her that her name was correctly spelled in PeopleSoft and the directory, and asked her where, exactly, does she see the misspellings. She replied: "".

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