Thursday, August 16, 2007

No brakes no kidding!

Bike without brakes on campus

Bikes on Campus: Cycling can be dangerous to pedestrians
A tragic event occurred on April 13, 2000 around 6:45 pm in San Francisco. A female pedestrian was walking in a crosswalk on the Embarcadero with a green signal. She was hit and knocked down by a 48-year-old bicyclist who had run a red light. The pedestrian was rushed to the hospital and was in a deep coma for several days. It turned out that the victim was the wife of the general manager of KGO Newstalk Radio 810, Michael Luckoff.

Not all cyclists are responsible. Witness this track bike, one of several I have seen being ridden on campus. The bike has no brakes and can't even coast as it lacks a device most bikes have that is called a freewheel. (Because you cannot coast but must always pedal this type of bike, these are also called fixed gear bikes. This type of bike is designed for racing on oval bike race courses called Velodromes, not the quad around Tower Hall.) After making several high speed loops around the quad this bike's owner stopped to show it off to friends in front of Clark Hall.

[More SJSU bike related pictures on Flickr]

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