Sunday, September 09, 2007

Apple reboots the Newton?

Apple Newton Video

The Newton and the iPod Touch
The iPod Touch on looks a lot to me like the Newton modernized, updated and rebooted. What do you have when you take the phone and the camera out of an iPhone and turn it into a Wi-Fi portable computing (and music/video enabled) device? In my opinion you just created an ultra-Mobile Tablet Mac. Kinda like, well, the Newton!

Maybe the problem with the Newton was it was before it's time? It will not be the first time it happened. I want to see some killer apps on the iPod Touch. I want to see a text editor, an email client and an iChat/jabber client. I would also like to see an iSight camera on the front of this thing, so this can be video iChat/Skype enabled. I also want to be able to subscribe to podcasts right in the device without having to dock with the mother ship. This thing should be designed from the start for the bandwidth of a fast WiFi connection. Apple should look at this video to get some ideas on, and remember some, other really cool stuff to put on the new Newton, I mean, the iPod Touch.

Hey, timing is everything!

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