Friday, September 07, 2007

SJSU not safe for bicycling

Cyclist riding dangerously

There is no denying cycling is dangerous
I have known many of friends who have been hurt very bad while cycling, some have even been killed. I had several bones broken and still have pain daily from an accident three years ago when a car pulled out in front of me while I was riding to work. Yes, cycling is dangerous, so is driving a car. My first wife was killed in a car accident on a lonely country road. Cycling, like driving, requires attention to safety and situational awareness. Bicycles, like cars, are vehicles.

Cars are a real danger to cyclists just as irresponsible cyclists pose a danger to themselves and especially pedestrians. In my opinion most cyclists on the SJSU campus do not take what they are doing seriously, they do not ride safely or responsibly and they are not being encouraged to do so. I think most cyclists on our campus pose a threat to themselves and campus pedestrians and that is why I am solidly against formally allowing them to ride bicycles in the campus core. That is why I have written many times against allowing them to and why I have made this photo archive of campus cycling related photos.

I may sound anti-cycling but I am not. I am a cyclist. I bicycle ride several thousand miles a year. I think the advantages of safe cycling are greater than the dangers. I think cycling promotes good health and fitness. I think bicycles can help solve some of our serious energy and environmental issues. I am a cyclist and I think bicycles belong at SJSU. I just think bicycles do not need to be ridden in the campus interior at SJSU. There is no reason for them to be. Cyclists at SJSU do not need to be able to ride their bikes right up to and inside the buildings they work in. We need to stop what is going on here. I think we also need to promote awareness of bicycle safety at our campus.

[More SJSU bike related pictures on Flickr]

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