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About University E-mail (Lotus Notes)

Tech Tips: Lotus Notes is a campus-wide e-mail system and it is also referred to as "University E-mail."

University e-mail (Lotus Notes) accounts are for employees of San Jose State University. E-mail addresses for these accounts end in "" (without the quotation marks.) These accounts are typically a user's first name and last name separated by a period. So, for a hypothetical user named Jane Doe the e-mail address might be "" (without the quotation marks.) The Lotus Notes team in the Systems Support Group in UCAT provides support for and administers the Domino servers that are at the core of University e-mail (Lotus Notes).

More information on e-mail at SJSU is here:

Here is the Team (all this information is from public facing university servers):

  • Victor Van Leer is the current Manager of the University Computing Systems department of University Computing and Telecommunications (UCAT) at SJSU that oversee's Lotus Notes. Victor's phone is 408/924-7828 his e-mail is:
  • Vivienne Ralls, 408/924-3324, Title: Notes Operating Systems Analyst, UCAT Systems Support e-mail:
  • Andrew Trembley, 408/924-3326, Title Notes Architect, UCAT Systems Support, e-mail:

UCAT's Systems Support Group provides server related Lotus Notes/Domino, NT, Unix, and Linux services and serve as 2nd level support to the campus help desk on these systems.

In addition, the Systems Support Group provides server management services, central backup and hosting (NT, Unix, Linux), Campus Lotus Notes/Domino services (Administration, e-mail, calendaring, 3rd party Domino groupware extensions, and custom Lotus Workflow application development).

More information about the Systems Support Group is here:

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