Thursday, August 21, 2008

New SJSU Student E-mail is Coming Monday

Fahed activating e-mail

San Jose State University, through partnership with Microsoft Live Edu, is providing a feature-rich, intuitive electronic mail environment to the Student community.

Important Point:
The new SJSU Student E-mail is only for SJSU students and NOT for faculty or staff (unless they are also students at SJSU). SJSU Student E-mail does not change anything with Blackboard, Peoplesoft, CMS or MySJSU. It is only student e-mail!

Popular features of the new SJSU Student E-mail include web and POP3 client access, online file sharing and storage, blogging, 5GB of storage, and account pickup and management through SJSU's SJSUOne application.

August 25, 2008 is the launch date for this.

The new SJSU Student E-mail works with SJSUOne
Every active SJSU Student has an SJSUOne account, University Computing and Telecommunications (UCAT) Systems Group has also generated a SJSU Student E-Mail address for each active Student.

You may view information about the new SJSU Student E-Mail system on the Web at:

There are 3 steps for a student to pick up and begin using their new SJSU Student E-mail account. This is detailed at the Web site above:

  1. Pick up their SJSU Student E-Mail Address. This is done by signing onto (or Activating) the student’s SJSUOne account after the system is active. Once signed on, the Student may be prompted to change their SJSUOne password. This will synchronize the SJSUOne password to their SJSU Student E-Mail password. (they will use their SJSUOne password for Student E-Mail)
  2. Sign onto the Student E-Mail system (Microsoft Live@Edu) The student will enter their full Student E-mail address as their User ID, and their SJSUOne password as the password.
  3. Complete the setup of their Student E-Mail account. This is simply filling out one page of information, and accepting the Microsoft agreement.

If you have a Student UNIX account and would like to save your e-mail from that account you should use an e-mail client like Outlook, Eudora or Thunderbird to download that mail from the server. All mail on the server will be be deleted as of the end of October.

The process for configuring an e-mail client is detailed here:

A related handout is available for download, on the SJSU Campus Wired Network only. If you are SJSU faculty please feel free to distribute this to your students. This document is in PDF format and is here:

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