Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still 1000 steps to print in SJSU lab

Pay for printing machine

Out of order for two years!

When the Academic Success Center opened two years ago it had a serious flaw. Users of the computer lab on the first floor were unable to pay here for printing except by using value added to their tower cards. But, there was no station to add value to their card in Clark Hall where the lab is located.

The nearest "add value" station was located elsewhere. As noted in a previous post, "the place students have had to go to get to a machine to pay to be able to print a page in the Academic Success Center was five hundred paces away in the King Library. Then they have a five hundred pace walk back to Clark Hall to finish their job." That is a one thousand step round trip just to pay to print!

About six months ago an add value machine was added to Clark Hall. Problem is, it has never worked, never, ever. Two years after this lab has opened, it is still often a one thousand step round trip to pay for printing in Clark Hall.

My understanding is that it is not Academic Technology that is to blame for the printing problems. Hopefully, somewhere, someone will take ownership of this problem and it will get fixed. Two years is too long to wait to get this fixed.

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