Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Best value Mac laptop; the 13" white MacBook

Buy it then Hack it; your new MacBook!

If you, like me, consider the new 13" MacBook a downgrade, then here is what you should do (and IMHO you will get more for less!) Buy the $999 White MacBook as bare bones as possible (even cheaper with an education discount.) When you order it also order 4GB of RAM and the biggest notebook SATA drive you can get from Other World Computing. You will get a great little Mac for way cheaper than Apple is charging for their new downgrades. You pay less and you get that precious Firewire port for video. You can get a cheap, less than $25, USB enclosure for the hard drive you will be removing from your MacBook. Before you swap drives, you can use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy the data on the old/new Hard Drive to the new/new Hard Drive. That's what I would do if were replacing my still perfectly good white MacBook. You get a great value Mac with a dandy portable hard drive to boot!

I may even do this myself before the white MacBooks go for good.

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