Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New MacBooks are a downgrade!

WTF! New MacBook Lacks Firewire?

This is a deal breaker!
I have really liked my "old" MacBook. Not only is it upgradeable, but I can use it to edit movies when I am on trips. Like last year, I was on a cross country trip and I documented my adventures with my digital video camera using the MacBook's firewire port. I edited my movies in motels and campgrounds. It was great!

I am disappointed
My old MacBook is about two years old. I was looking forward to being able to replace it with the new model. 13 inches is as big as I want to go with the screen for mobility. But, I just found out the new MacBooks lack Firewire. I cannot hookup my digital movie cameras to it. How can you boot this into "Target Disk Mode?" Answer, you cannot. You could with the old model!

WTF! In my opinion, the new MacBook's are a downgrade.

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