Thursday, October 09, 2008

New Macs News

Apple to announce new notebooks next week?

It seems pretty certain that next Tuesday Apple is going to be announcing a new line of MacBook computers. In my opinion the white MacBooks (as opposed to the MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs) have been the best values in portable computers. It does not take much to upgrade a MacBook. I upgraded mine several times. Over the two years I have owned it my white MacBook has gone from having 1 GB of Ram to having 4 GB of Ram and from having a 60 GB hard drive to having a 250 GB.

With that much ram and storage I have little trouble running both Mac OS X and Windows XP on it using VMWare. Sweet! You cannot replace the battery on, much less expand, a Mac Book Air, just can't. It is sealed like an iPod.

For portability bigger is not better. The white MacBook 13 inch monitor makes it much easier to carry around than either the 15 or (yuch) the 17 inch monitors of the silver MacBook Pros. When Apple moved to Intel processors and discontinued the 12 inch form factor of the old silver Powerbook G4 notebooks, I was bummed. The white MacBook 13 inch monitor became the smallest monitor available. That is why I bought it. I would be very excited to see a 12 inch silver MacBook Pro. That is what I am rooting for! (I have given up on a MacTablet.)

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