Friday, October 23, 2009

E-Mail Alert

If you have ever responded to an e-mail with your username and password, please contact the help desk and change your password immediately.

Recently, a small number of e-mails have been received at SJSU requesting the recipient to send their User Name, password or other information, by e-mail. These messages, are scams from outsiders attempting to gain access to your information.

If you suspect a phishing scam, please follow these two steps:

  1. Never e-mail your password:
    If a message asks you to send your password via e-mail, it is a scam. You should never need to e-mail your password for a legitimate support matter. If you sent your password, change it immediately.
  2. Contact your Support Technician or the University Help Desk to register an e-mail support ticket:
    Contact your IT Support Technician or the University Help Desk if you have questions or concerns about your e-mail account. The University Help desk will create and route a support ticket to the proper team for response.

Actual SJSU e-mail account process:
Your e-mail accounts are created and deleted based on information in CMS/MySJSU and connected to SJSUOne. We use your CMS data to determine if your account should be deactivated.

The Systems department never sends e-mails asking for your password. Any e-mail asking for your SJSU e-mail password is a scam.

Learn more about avoiding Phishing Scams.

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