Thursday, October 01, 2009

Is Apple poised to redefine print?

There is more discussions on Gizmodo on the often discussed but never delivered Apple Tablet computer. It was once proposed as a MacTablet, but now it looks more and more like a MacKindle. This could be an intriguing tool for paperless newspaper delivery. According to Brian Lam of Gizmodo:

"Apple is in talks with several media companies rooted in print, negotiating content for a "new device." And they're not just going for e-books and mags. They're aiming to redefine print."

I hope if such a product is released, they work will cell carriers like AT&T to bundle data delivery over Edge and 3G networks so if such a device comes out it is able to deliver content without being restricted to often locked down WiFi networks.

They have a huge distribution engine in the iTunes Store. PDF podcasts would be a wonderful way to distribute print content, both paid and free.

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