Sunday, April 04, 2010

Scoble got it again!

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Robert Scoble on Cover of Mercury News

Apple is not the only organization that has done it again with the iPad!
What a surprise it was for me to see another photo of Robert Scoble in the Mercury News coming out of an Apple store with another apple gadget.

The Scoble with an iPad photo (Sunday April 4) is a different angle of the Scoble with an iPhone shot the Merc ran in 2007 when the iPhone came out. I guess the SJSU J&MC alum, and former voice of Microsoft, is the newspaper's model for new Apple technology. When Apple comes out with a new product it looks like the Merc loves to shoot Robert coming out of the Palo Alto Apple Store with it! Way to go Robert! Way to go San Jose Mercury News!

Maybe next time Apple comes out with a gadget you can just Photoshop it into one of your older shots. In this time of fiscal austerity for newspapers it might be a good idea!

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