Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Cool Xcode stuff, (but same old timeline for Tiger?)

Wiley Hodges, Apple Senior Product Line Manager, gave an interesting talk about the new version of Xcode 2.0. He said, "Tiger is the biggest release for developers since the release of Mac OS X." The new version of X-code is very powerful! I found the info about 64 bit adressing interesting. This will enable the VM engine to address up to 16EB, or 4 billion times more memory than Panther. But, one of the most interesting comments he made was about the product life of Tiger. When he was talking about memory adressing and he said that the Kernel of Tiger would be able to address 4TB which is more than adequate for the 15-18 month product life of Tiger.

I was hoping they were going to start relaxing the fast turnarounds of these OS versions! IMHO - There are just too many versions of MacOS out there and this is causing a support headache for us! That means more driver issues, more helpdesk issues, more configuration issues, more UI issues for us to deal with.

Tiger is cool, though. I can't wait for Sal Soghoian, Apple's Applescript Manager's, presentation on Automator. That is in 20 minutes.

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