Tuesday, October 26, 2004

End of day one

A day of exciting possibilities!
It has been great seeing the new technologies coming out in Tiger. From a user interface perspective the big ones have been Spotlight, a new metaphor for relating with information in your system that changes the way we relate to our computer, and Automator a great new GUI scripting tool that empowers users in ways that users have never been empowered before. With Tiger, that is just the beginning of the features of this awesome new OS. It is a whole new breed of cat!

Great Presentations
Richard Glaser of the University of Utah did a fine session on Mac OS X File System Maintenance with Radmind we really should be doing this at SJSU! This, combined with ASR, is a great way to deploy and control Mac systems. Derrick Donnelly of BlackBag Technologies did a fascinating session on Open Source Digital Forensic Acquisition and Analysis on Mac OS X that was very interesting. I learned some interesting things about how to preserve and retrieve evidence from a Mac. Very cool stuff!

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