Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Osxcon Day Two Dot Two

Mid-day Report
The Active Directory Session by Michael Bartosh of 4am Media was especially useful. The holy grail of single sign-on is a goal we have not attained at SJSU. The possibility of really integrating Macs in our AD domains is something we talk about. Bartosh's talk was great. If I were still administering an NT based domain at SJSU this is something I would follow up on. I may anyway, at home where I have a Windows 2000 AD Domain.

After Richard Glaser of University of Utah's presentation on Radmind and today's presentation by James Reynolds, also from the of University of Utah, on automating computer management, I think we could learn a lot from these folks from The Beehive State. It sounds like they have solved a lot of the problems we face with Mac deployment!

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