Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Osxcon Day Two

Morning Sessions
Stewart Copeland is the former drummer of the rock band Police. He is also a composer and songwriter and he spoke to in today's morning session about his current profession as a producer of music tracks for movies. This was a great presentation. Copeland is a talented speaker. Even though this is something that normally is way off my radar screen I was captivated. Did you know he used dogs barking for the sound track in the movie Wall Street? He said, "those (evil movie) characters were not good enough for music." Very funny stuff! Copeland speaking of the ethics of making music off of audio samples verses musical instruments, "I don't care about how music is made if it makes my toe tap that is all that matters." Speaking of the recent Saturday Night Live music fiasco involving Musical Guest Ashlee Simpson he said, "that is where it gets scarey is when the audience is expecting a real performance and suddenly they realize they are being given samples."

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