Sunday, February 13, 2005

Other bloggers blogging on Scoble SJSU visit

Elisa Camahort was at the Scoble dinner and the party after. In this blog, called the worker bees blog, and her personal blog, she reported on and made some interesting observations on the SJSU Robert Scoble event and the Geek dinner after. I was too busy to take such good notes, so I really appreciate hers, and her comments! She even took this photo that had me in it. I'm the dufus with the tie!

Group at geek dinner!

Meanwhile, Alpha-Prof Dennis Dunleavy has been doing some great stuff developing the conversation on his journalism specific blog. Last, if you are interested in some personal memories related to my friendship with Robert and his early days at SJSU as a Pup-Geek, those are here.

The SJSU visit was like tweeking a tuning fork, you can still feel the vibes long after.

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