Monday, February 07, 2005

Into the Blogosphere, Facilitated by Robert Scoble

Into the Blogosphere, Facilitated by Robert Scoble, Microsoft Technical Evangelist for the next generation of Windows Longhorn and the US .NET Platform Strategy

This is a very special event!

Simply put, Blogs are eating the lunch of many traditionally architected Web sites. In terms of reach, influence, cost and convenience, the advantages are indisputable and significant. For those still building sites the "old" way, this hour will reveal why the future belongs to Bloggers. Robert Scoble, who FastCompany Magazine claims "may well be one of the most powerful people in Redmond" has helped shape Microsoft's blogging strategy, and has advised Bill Gates on the market opportunities. Robert will reveal why this new architecture rules and how to take full advantage of it.

This event will be Thursday, February 10 from, 2:30p to 4:00 in Room 225/227 Martin Luther King Library. Please RSVP to either Photojournalism professor Dennis Dunleavy, CFDS Staff at 924-2303 or or that you are coming. Robert Scoble is a dynamic and highly sought after speaker and this may never happen again!

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