Thursday, February 24, 2005

Richard Craig, tablets and great co-workers

Richard Craig, another Journalism Prof doing great stuff!
Keep an eye on what professor Craig is doing. Professor Craig just returned from the Poynter Institute's "Convergence for College Educators." Next week he is putting on a presentation to Journalism Department faculty on the trip and will be speaking about tablet computing.

Professor Craig is the advisor to the university newspaper The Spartan Daily. Craig is working with MIS Professor Malu Roldan, they will be equipping two Spartan Daily reporters with tablet computers. Tablet computers are increasingly being seen as a killer platform for the education market.

What does Apple, the company that considers education its home turf, think of all this? According to an un-named friend who works at Apple, the company has looked at tablet computers and decided there is no market for them. I told him, in my opinion they are leaving money on the table and if Microsoft gets smart they can eat Apple's lunch. As for me, I am a reverse switcher. I am now using a tablet running XP Tablet Edition. It rocks.

Great folks to work with
Here is one of my colleagues. Jason Ferguson is a very hard working guy and he is here long into the night. I really enjoy working with Jason and the other fine folks in my department.

Jason Ferguson

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