Sunday, February 20, 2005

Taking the leap to digital

Making the leap, this is big (for me)
When I go to the Geek Dinners I get laughs when I shoot with my film cameras. Those days may be over. I am on the edge of doing something truly life changing. I am on the edge of getting a real serious digital camera. I am on the edge of getting a Nikon D2H. I went and looked at one yesterday at Keeble and Shuccat photography yesterday and fell in instant love, also their price matched NY price. This is an amazing piece of equipment and it works with all my lenses! The "old D2H" is being cleared out for about $2,000. This is a serious camera, rugged and a fine picture taker! The next amazing thing is how little I can get for my film cameras. Good used Hasselblads are way less than a grand and I saw a fully configured used F4 with motor for $500. This is amazing, people are abandoning film in droves. As the market for film shrinks the prices for film will shrink, then explode as usable inventory disappears and it becomes a boutique item. At least, that is what happened with movie film after video took over. I can't help but feel sad when I think of all the happy memories and wonderful pictures I have taken with my film cameras, but I want this camera, I will miss going into the darkroom. Maybe I can get a digital back for my Hassie, someday.

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