Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Etech, that was day two!

Etech attendee using computer, my last night in San Diego. This has been an incredible experience. I met Doug Kaye this morning and he offered to help in my Podcast presentation. , and the IT Conversations podcast, has been an inspiration to me, an inspiration of what Podcasting could look like in higher education. I have already mentioned the folks in the morning sessions. The afternoon sessions included Clay Shirky's entertaining session,  the folks from Creative Commons showed their search engine. That is something I will use. I wish somebody would extend Nvu's XHTML tagging capabilities to include "rel" tags that provide tags that Technorati could map so I could license each post! Natalie Jeremijenko did a presentation on Social Robotics that was very interesting to me. One of the robot designs allowed folks to relate to ducks as a robot duck. I suggested that technology could be extended to allow people to relate to their pets as peers and that could make her rich. I think she thought I was nuts. But, I know I would love to be able to relate to our cats at their level. This evening was an Apple Developer Connection Reception. Once again I told the Apple rep they needed a tablet Mac, and that it would be very helpful for them to release their new OS version "Tiger" to our Help Desk staff a few weeks before our users get it so we could prepare to support it! After that was the Maker Fair, that was nice, but not my cup of tea. This is the end of day two at .

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