Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Live from Etech, End of Day One

has worn me out. I just got done talking with Wendy Seltzer of EFF. I think it would be great if we could get her and/or some other folks to come to SJSU and do an Emerging Technology session on what EFF is doing. This is such a natural fit, it just occurred to me as I was talking to her and Annalee Newitz. I also spoke with Steve Gillmor briefly. He is a really sharp guy and I really want to pick his brain on Podcasting and higher education. But, he also is pretty busy! There is some good information here on Steve's blog. Speaking of Steve, it was really exciting meeting his brother Dan Gillmor. His book, We the Media, changed my life and really opened my eyes to how the world is changing. Other folks I met include John SanGiovanni, of Microsoft Research and Rodney Aiglstorfer and Bjorn Hildahl of mFoundry, these folks really reinforced my belief in the great future of mobile devices in education. I would love to have them talk to us too. So many great people, so many great ideas and I am so tired. I heard Scoble's name come up many times. I am very proud of all the great things he has accomplished and how highly he is regarded. I had a conversation with a presenter here and said I think the greatest thing about working in education is the great things our students do with their lives. That is I think that is especially true when they become your friends. I am going to go to my motel and go to sleep now. This blog entry just touches the surface. I am having a great time!


Susan said...

Steve, I am a blogger and I live in San Jose. Perhaps you would like to connect.
Susan Mernit

Steve Sloan said...

That would be great. I can be reached at s_sloan@mac.com or on AIM or Skype at ssloansjca