Thursday, March 17, 2005

Etech, Uh Oh, I'm heading for detention!

, the third and final day
This morning I had lunch with Steve Gillmor and Doug Kaye. Doug left early and I had a long conversation with Steve, well, longer than any other conversation I have ever had with him anyway. The conversation was interesting, stimulating and intimidating as hell. At one point he asked me what RSS was and I felt like I was taking mid-terms. Wow, all that anxiety from my school days returned. He is sharp and, I think, takes no prisoners. He had some great ideas. I learned a lot and want to follow up on one idea to create a Help Desk Wiki. It is hard for me to conceptualize and express a lot of the issues I deal with on an ongoing basis, issues like staffing and training. Those are not his problems, they are mine. He is a sharp guy and I really appreciate his time. Ooops, I am being kicked out. It seems I am in the speakers lounge! It is like I am being kicked out of the teacher's lunch room. Bad Stevie! Gotta go....

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