Thursday, June 09, 2005

Recommended Listening: Two great podcasts

Recommended listening (podcasts)
Robert Scoble on Reboot, where is the world going? [MP3]
SJSU Alum Robert Scoble is in Europe and here you can listen to him speak about the future of Emerging Technology. This is a great podcast to listen to to get a real world perspective of where this whole world of new technology is going. An added bonus. The presentation is recorded on Skype, so you can hear what a transatlantic free Skype session sounds like! Thanks to Ryan Sholin for turning me onto this session.

Jim Wenzloff Podcasts about my wife's dress [MP3]
This is way cool. Jim Wenzloff gets it! I posted this post about my wife's dress. Really it is about the information exchange where I was able to stop in the middle of a bicycle ride and using my mobile phone take a picture of my wife's new dress and using my blog tell the world about it. It is about the power of using portable devices and weblogs as tools of global mass communications. It is about how easy this all is and about how it empowers people and changes education.
Thanks to PubSub, I was able to stay on top of these conversations. The world is an amazing place!

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