Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Wireless coming to SJSU

SJSUOne and Help Desk
These numbers are a guess and will be wrong
San Jose State University is going to have wireless networking across the entire campus. This is great and will greatly increase student Internet access at our campus. This network will depend on SJSUOne as an authentication mechanism and we support SJSUOne at the Help Desk. As of now, the scheduled go-live date is August 15, 2005. This is going to result in a projected wireless user growth from 4,000 wireless users to 12,000 users in September, 2005. Based on past trends 12% of all users seek help at semester start-up from the ITSS Help Desk, and this could result in a huge number of folks seeking support at the Help Desk. By using the services of other support facilities and creating better on-line documentation we may be able to get some mitigation of this from the other Help Desks at SJSU, but there are other new initiatives, like ePhone Book and the removal of UNIX authentication for wireless that will create more demand for Help Desk support. What I show here is my own best guess based on past usage trends. If I am anywhere near right, this will make September 2005 be around twice as busy as the busiest month we have ever had, September 2004.

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